What is Tantra?

Whenever most people hear the word tantra they think of sex, but Tantra isn’t just about that.


Ultimately tantra is a spiritual path that is life affirming, which means it embraces the world rather than denying it. In tantra we see that everything presented to us is for our own personal development.


If everything in this worldly plane is sacred and divine and can be used for spiritual purposes that includes sex. Tantra isn’t only about sex but it does include and embrace it.

Working with me


Are you done living in and from a place of mediocrity? Done with “Taking what you can get”?


Embrace and ignite your life force energy; begin to feel alive and allow this power to arouse all aspects of your life in a safe and nurturing environment.


Step into wholeness, meet and move through inhibitions around your body and sexuality. Feel a sense of connection with your true self and others in becoming all of who you were meant to be.


Overcome limiting beliefs and patterns and feel good, happy with your self and your life


Feel a sense of power and belonging within your sensual and sexual self


Enliven your heart space and invite in and feel the Divine in all areas of your life

"The way that Kerri delivers the material is not only informative but also inspiring! Every word and every message spoken was like being retaught a language you thought you fully understood. It all just became so clear and it all felt so right.

She is so sure of herself and her work that you also can feel that confidence grow inside you. Thank you, Kerri, for giving me that inner glow and love back for myself. You continue to amaze me, and I look forward to attending your next workshop."


-Renee, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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