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I work with people who are living a life of monotony on autopilot feel alive and passionate in their own bodies and in relationships.  


I created programs and workshops to help people to heal, open their hearts and feel more connection and pleasure in all aspects of their life

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Are you wanting to get a TASTE of what your juicy self would be like?

Dip your toe in the water and get a sense of what is POSSIBLE for yourself!

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I have a program specifically catered for you, your needs and your desires:   


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I have a program designed to awaken and delve into all your desires and enable you to live the life you are craving.

"The way that Kerri delivers the material is not only informative but also inspiring! Every word and every message spoken was like being retaught a language you thought you fully understood. It all just became so clear and it all felt so right.

She is so sure of herself and her work that you also can feel that confidence grow inside you. Thank you, Kerri, for giving me that inner glow and love back for myself. You continue to amaze me, and I look forward to attending your next workshop."


-Renee, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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