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Group Work / Workshops


I host workshops for both men and women as well as women only workshops.


The workshops I hold for both men and women explore and explain the foundations of sexual tantra, demonstrate the power of sexual energy and how to use it as well as provide a space for awakening and transformation to happen through your life through spiritual practices and inquiry.  

"I had the blessing of participating in Kerri's Body Love Workshop.

I didn't really have expectations ahead of time but thought that it would be helpful and empowering.

I am blown away with how effective and powerful those four hours were, and continue to be.

Kerri creates a safe and furthermore, a fun space, to be nurtured, express, and do some deep discovering. 

I am more aware and more conscious now, and so grateful for the insight into myself! 

She lead us through such excellent exercises. 

What a lovely women Kerri is too...so kind in facilitating this work.

She is compassionate and humble.

Women need this rad kind of gathering!!"


- Lora, Calgary, Alberta, Canada