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Short but Very Sweet

Short and Very Sweet

After returning from California Jonathan and I met up. 

It was wonderful to see him and share my California learnings and adventures with him and  to also spend the night together. 

The week following our first time seeing each other since my return I could feel something shift, it was getting to a point where I felt I would have to share with him that I wasn’t in a place where I could make commitment. I remember him sharing that he felt really ready to commit to someone, and I knew I couldn’t give that to him. So I was prepared to tell him that we could keep doing what we were doing but that he was free to meet other people. 

As the week progressed something was telling me something had shifted again, not only did I have something I needed to share with Jonathan but I could feel that he had something to share with me. 

Something was shifting between us, I could feel it but didn’t know exactly what it was. 

The following weekend we made plans to meet, we saw a movie together and something was definitely different. As we were driving away from the movie theatre I could feel so strongly he had something to say and finally after a few moments of award silence he said

“I have something to tell you”

“I know, I can feel it” I responded

“I don’t think we can date anymore”

I calmly responded “Ok, why is that?”

“Well, just this past week my ex girlfriend came back into the picture and I realized that I still have really strong feelings for her and I think I want to try and see if we can get back together”.

I felt no trigger and was so grateful for his honesty and transparency. I shared that I was happy for him and he seemed a bit surprised by that but it was true. I told him that I hope it worked out and we both acknowledged that our connection didn't feel like a soul mate connection. 

He shared he had a great time with me and I shared the same. 

There was such integrity, respect and consideration on his part and even though we were “breaking up” it felt so good and clean. 

I could feel the mutual care and respect we had for each other. 

After he dropped me off he got out of the car and we gave each other a big hug. 

All was well and nothing was messy. 

A little while later I received a very sweet complimentary text from Jonathan that really filled and warmed my heart. 

He is a great man of integrity, but again just not my man.

Here’s to peaceful endings. 

Much love, 

K xo

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