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California Love

Although I was just settling in to life back in Canada I was already starting to get itchy feet. 

My itchy feet mixed with wanting to find a person or place to continue building my knowledge of tantra with sent me on a search. 

I kept getting pointed in the direction of a specific female teacher who resides in Ojai, California. After learning tantra from mostly men it was so refreshing to find a woman whom I could now learn from. 

So it was booked! and with a few beautiful synchronicities I was going on a California road trip with a good girl friend of mine.


Jonathan and I were still seeing each other, it was going well but it wasn’t anything serious and the feelings of him not being my man were still there. So I was going off on my trip with the feelings of being completely free.


*side note* There was a potential to meet up with a hottie I met in Thailand, things just didn't work out last time we were in the same place so I was hoping luck would be on my side. He was tall, gorgeous and Danish. We shall call him Hot Dane. (LOL that my mother had actually introduced me too)

The drive down to California was long but with my friend as company it made it really fun and enjoyable. 

I arrived ready to learn a new approach from a new teacher. Being with this group of people who were interested in and exploring their sexuality made me feel right at home. I was missing this type of community since leaving Thailand and I felt so nourished being in this type of environment. 

As the days continued, I learnt and experienced more about developing and increasing ‘erotic friction’. There was even (of course there was!) a gorgeous and super studly American man in the training with me, we did one especially erotic exercise together… let's just say the erotic friction was palpable.


American man and I were assigned to be lunch date buddies one afternoon, I shared my story of divorce, death and transformation and he shared his journey with me. There were so many similarities in our stories and where we each wanted to go in our own lives. He was a breath of fresh air and I was incredibly attracted to him.

As the workshop wound down we all said our goodbyes and American man was on his way to the airport, so unfortunately no wild stories to share. We exchanged numbers so we could stay in contact. 

Then I got back to my Air BnB and the next morning I left for Los Angeles. Once I arrived I messaged Hot Dane to which he replied “I’m leaving LA today for work”. 


Just. My. Luck. 

Why didn't I go to LA right after the workshop? I wanted sexy time with Hot Dane so badly.

So there I was with three days to explore LA, which I was excited for but after 5 days of creating erotic friction I could have used some one on one time with Hot Dane. 

I went on to play tourist for the next three days, I’ve travelled alone before and it felt very comfortable. I explored Venice beach, did some shopping, saw the Hollywood sign and even got to sit on the Friends couch at Warner Brothers studios. 

It was great but I couldn’t help but feel a bit lonely, seeing all this stuff was great but some company would have been nice. 

After exploring LA, I drove to Mount Shasta in Northern California and spent the day there. There is said to be a vortex of energy around Mount Shasta and I certainly felt it. I felt so light and happy, as though this is how I/we are supposed to feel. 

Mount Shasta nourished me. 

Then came the two days of driving back to Calgary, I came home tired yet grateful for the people I had met, the experiences I had and the new teacher I had found. 

This trip pointed me in a new direction, reminding me that the right people, experiences and teachers will come exactly when I need them. I was also reminded of the importance of and the nourishment that can come when finding like minded community and tribe. 

Much Love, 

K xo

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