Needing a nudge in the right direction?

Desiring more clarity?


Ready to begin an awakening?


I am a self love and intimacy coach and I have been where you are. 


I've been lost and seeking guidance so I could feel more alive and happy


I now have a vision for my self and tools that I can use at anytime that I know will awaken my intuition and juicy self.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

I thought I did everything right, followed the path I 'Should' have taken but after "checking off" all the boxes that life didn't fill me up or make me happy; the truth was I was more lost and depressed than ever. 


After reaching out for help and learning more about myself I began to get insights on what I truly wanted for myself.

After leaving my marriage and the death of my youngest brother... 


I continued my personal practices, doing some deep inquiry and have support through my own healing journey. 


Image by Jared Rice

I began knowing and accessing my heart and moving towards a life that was one I always longed for.


It is now my purpose to guide people through this experience, where they can feel alive, that their heart is open and one that meets their wildest desires.

Image by Samuel Austin

In this entry offer I design a

3 week program

especially tailored to YOUR NEEDS. 


This program will begin to help you heal and

AWAKEN your inner desire and wild self. 


The practices that will be created for you will help you to embody your desires and heal and open your heart.


- A Desire Discovery Inquiry Sheet to start the process so the program can be tailored to your needs 

- A one on one hour long Passion Activation Session where we uncover which techniques and practices best facilitate your igniting your juicy self. 

- A 3 week program designed specifically for you which includes a daily practice and a weekly exercise/activity so that you integrate and embody your new found juiciness

- A 30 minute Passion Integration Session at the end of the 3 weeks where we discuss what has shifted and what is next. 

- You will also have email support from me during the 3 weeks of the program so if you have any questions or you have anything you need to know you can reach out.

Image by Levi Guzman

This is for those who are curious about their own HEALING and awakening more SENSUALITY. 


It is for those who are willing to be dedicated to a daily practice and a weekly exercises/activity.

"The way that Kerri delivers the material is not only informative but also inspiring! Every word and every message spoken was like being retaught a language you thought you fully understood. It all just became so clear and it all felt so right.

She is so sure of herself and her work that you also can feel that confidence grow inside you. Thank you, Kerri, for giving me that inner glow and love back for myself. You continue to amaze me, and I look forward to attending your next workshop."


-Renee, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Are you ready for a more clarity and vitality in your life?


Register here to start your 3 week


"Taste of Passion"





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