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I am a self love and intimacy coach and I have been where you are.

I've lived a life where I was doing everything I thought I "should" do but when I got all those things

none of them made me happy.

I have now realized what truly makes me feel alive and fulfilled in my life. I now live a life that is mine; a life full of desire.

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I lived a life where I "Checked all the boxes", I went to school, got the man, a good 9-5 job, got married, bought a big house and went on vacations. What could be the problem?


Yet, I was so unhappy and suffering from depression. 


I made so many excuses for what could be causing my unhappiness and when I looked at every other area of my life I finally looked at my marriage. 


Once I did that I knew I had to leave my husband. 

After ending my marriage I naively thought "Oh I'll just go on my 'eat, pray, love' journey, meet another man, marry him and things will be better


3 Weeks after leaving my marriage I received a phone call telling me that my youngest brother, 17 at the time, was dead by suicide. 


My whole life, my foundation was ripped out from under me. 


I was fortunate enough to have done some 'inner' and spiritual work on myself, so even in my shock I knew this was a call.


My life needed to



I spent the next year healing and working on myself. 


I discovered a way to access my hearts true desires and rediscover where I belong.

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"Awakened Heart"



A 3 month journey designed to uncover your desires, connect to your authentic self, gain access to your true feelings, release stuckness and move through to a more aligned and 'in flow' life.

The program includes:


- 12 personalized, one on one "Heart Awakening" sessions where we begin to heal and ignite your hearts desires. This could be in person or via zoom.

- Each session will be prepared specifically for your needs to bring out and support your awakening journey 

- 2 x 30 minute grounding and support calls to be used as you need, should you need them

- Unlimited email support throughout the 3 month duration so that you always have access to me should you have any questions.

Now I have a sense of purpose, I am centered and I feel that I have a place in the world and in the lives of those close to me. 


Its now my life's work to give this experience to others.

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The "Awakened Heart" 3 month program is for people who are really *ready*, ready to feel things they have been avoiding, heal and open their heart. 


This is deep work, to uncover and move through the emotional blocks. (I assure you it is worth the journey). True healing and liberation is possible and it is waiting for you


It is not for those who want to stay on the surface and just want a 'quick fix'. This is for people who are ready to take accountability and action towards a new, more connected and fulfilling life


This program will relieve you from old patterns that are keeping you experiencing the same, limiting and frustrating things again and again.


The "Awakened Heart" program will free you from your stuckness, open your heart and move you towards a world of new possibilities.

"The way that Kerri delivers the material is not only informative but also inspiring! Every word and every message spoken was like being retaught a language you thought you fully understood. It all just became so clear and it all felt so right.

She is so sure of herself and her work that you also can feel that confidence grow inside you. Thank you, Kerri, for giving me that inner glow and love back for myself. You continue to amaze me, and I look forward to attending your next workshop."


-Renee, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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