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Wanting to experience fullness, aliveness and pleasure?


I've lived a life where I was doing everything I thought I "should" do but I still wasn't happy and I wasn't experiencing any pleasure in my life at all. Everything was just "meh".


I have now realized what truly makes me feel alive and fulfilled in my life. 


I am proud to say I now experience true fullness and pleasure in all areas of my life.


My path is one I desire and that is full of passion.

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I lived a life where I did everything I thought I "should" do in order to be happy, I went to school, got the man, a good 9-5 job, got married, bought a big house and went on vacations. What could be the problem?


Yet, I was so unhappy and suffering from depression. 


I see now that there was no pleasure or passion in my life at all. 


Through a series of unfortunate events, leaving my marriage and the sudden death of my brother my whole life, my foundation was ripped out from under me.

I was fortunate enough to have done some 'inner' and spiritual work on myself, so even in my shock I knew this was a call.


My life needed to change. 


I spent the next year healing and working on myself.


Knowing what I valued, how I most wanted to feel, I begin to learn HOW to feel.


I began to heal and make peace with my past, my father's abandonment of me, my mother issues, feelings of betrayal and disapointment.


I started to come back to myself, to live as a whole person. 

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Meditation by the Beach

I then made the decision to sell everything I owned and live and work in Australia.


Before landing in Australia I traveled around Asia for 4 months. 


I began doing a 10 day silent retreat in Malaysia, spent 3 weeks in Bali and then spent 3 months in Thailand to practice yoga and learn ancient spiritual teachings.


Once I arrived in Thailand I found myself in a tantric community.

I had no plans of learning tantra or didn't even know that that was what the school was most known for.


When I took my first few tantra workshops this is where everything transformed for me. 


I delved deep into my relationship with sexuality, my own sensuality and femininity. 


My shame and insecurity around my body was a heavy burden I carried for years and through learning the feminine as divine and see and experiencing my body as sacred I was liberated from the years of hating my own body and I was set free. 


I was taught that sexuality can be and is a divine act. That experiencing pleasure and feeling desire is an opening of potential and freedom. 


With this new found knowledge which I experienced first hand I was transformed; I discovered a way to access my hearts true desires and rediscover where I belong.


Exploring this aspect of being a women had a ripple affect into all areas of my life.

Now I have a sense of purpose, I am centered and I feel that I have a place in the world as both a sexual and spiritual woman.  


Its now my life's work to give this experience to others.

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6 Month

"Desire Deep Dive"


This program is specifically designed for you; to uncover your true self, to open your heart, to live a life that fills your desires and one that brings you great pleasure. 


This program awakens your inner power and potential by exploring and healing your past, your relationship with sexuality and igniting your inner wild self.


This is a 6 month program

which includes:


- 24 personalized, one on one "Desire Deep Dive" sessions where we begin to awaken your passionate and vital self. This could be in person or via zoom. 

- Each session will be prepared specifically for your needs to help awaken your most whole and pleasureable self. 

- 4 x 30 minute grounding and support calls to be used as you need, should you feel you need them. 

- Unlimited email support throughout the 6 month duration so that you always have access to me should you need it.


This is for people who are ready for a

full on transformation experience.


Those who are ready to let the status quo go and re awaken their wild, heart centered and juicy selves


It is for those who are ready to delve into the world of sensuality and sexual tantra from a whole and heart centered place


The program is not for those who aren't ready and hesitant about doing deep healing work and don't want to look at their relationship with sex.

"The way that Kerri delivers the material is not only informative but also inspiring! Every word and every message spoken was like being retaught a language you thought you fully understood. It all just became so clear and it all felt so right.

She is so sure of herself and her work that you also can feel that confidence grow inside you. Thank you, Kerri, for giving me that inner glow and love back for myself. You continue to amaze me, and I look forward to attending your next workshop."


-Renee, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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