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Are you living Boldly? 


I believe living a life of passion is your birthright. 


I know you can heal from anything, that you can give and receive the love you are so desperately seeking. It is possible for you to authentically belong, to yourself, to you chosen tribe and to the sacred - and be your wild and juicy self all at the same time.


I am a self love and intimacy coach. 


I liberate people from autopilot so they can have more passion, aliveness and fullness in their life and relationships.  


I work with people who feel lost and are craving for more.


People who know there is something within them that is ready to be unleashed but dont know where to start.

I’ve been where you are. I lived a life where I checked all the boxes, I went to school, got a man, got the good job, we bought a house and went on vacations - What could be the problem? I was such a *good girl*


I was depressed, felt alone, lost and bored with my life.  After leaving my marriage, my brother passed away shortly after. Life was getting my attention. This was my wake up call.


A year after my life completely unravelled I made the decision to sell everything I owned and travel around asia before living and working in Australia. 


I spent 3 months in Thailand where I found myself living in a tantric community. 


Exploring my relationship with my body and sexuality through a lense of spirituality liberated me from years ‘shoulds’, staying small, being unaware of my desires and being the “good girl”.  


I became aware of, awakened and experienced my own sexual and spiritual desires. 


Experiencing, living and feeling my desires changed everything. I experienced an aliveness and fullness in my body which spilled over to every area of my life. 


It turns out that connecting to our desires is the key to living a LIFE you WANT.

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