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Liberate your heart and awaken your wild and juicy self

Liberate your heart and awaken your wild and juicy self

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Hi, i'm Kerri!

I help stuck, passion and pleasure deprived professionals who are done with the monotony of their life heal, open their hearts and live with passion and pleasure.


I’ve had the pleasure of attending two of Kerri’s workshops, they were completely different in nature and both extremely exciting and inspiring. The workshops left me feeling full of self love and empowered, they also helped me open up to the love others have to offer. Kerri’s presence is warm and inviting, she is also extremely knowledgeable and fun. I can’t wait to do more amazing things with Kerri!

Highly recommend Kerri to anyone looking for more sizzle , spice and love in their life !!!

- Jaime, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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